Our concept

The overall concept of Thousand Nights Hotel is to operate under the vast modern lifestyle while maintaining an antique culture of ethical values and theme.

Our apart-hotels perfectly meet the needs of a clientele that travels for business, private or vacation purposes.

Thousand Nights Hotel is named based on (ʾalf layla wa-layla) which is a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The hotel tries to maintain the magical sense within its halls and facilities through keeping all facilities user friendly and providing high level of service to ensure that all its visitors are fully satisfied, happy and eager to come back.

Thousand Nights Hotel is a new family business establishment aiming at becoming one of the leading hotels in Jordan. With its attractive location and unique concept, Thousand Nights Hotel has the potential to reach its goals within the next coming years.

Thousand Nights Hotel obtains unique facilities such as a Turkish bath, traditional bazar, indoor/outdoor restaurants and our élite sunroof café. With such facilities and a high skilled staff Thousand Hotel operates on the highest standards to ensure clients, employees and management all create a healthy warm environment for all to enjoy.